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                                 MULTIMEDIA TRAINING PROGRAM AS A MEANS OF FORMING STUDENTS’                                                    PROFESSIONAL FOREIGN LANGUAGE COMPETENCE                    


Meshcheryakov Anatoly Semenovich, Doctor of pedagogic sciences, professor, head of sub-department of professional pedagogy and psychology, Penza State University,
Dmitriev Dmitry Vyacheslavovich, Postgraduate students, Penza State University,

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The problem of usage of multimedia training programs for the purpose of formation of professional foreign competence is considered in this article. Scientific literature is analysed, the specific character and the concept content “multimedia training program” is specified; training facilities of multimedia programs are revealed and theoretically grounded. An example of the scientific research with the methods of testing, pedagogical experiment and statistical analysis of the research results is given. Conclusions concerning the effectiveness of usage of multimedia training programs in teaching the English language are drawn.

Key words

a multimedia training program, professional foreign competence, educational process at the university, motivation, the English language. 

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